• HOSPEStandard Foundation Schools as an award-winning school, we take education very seriously. Our students will leave school and enter a very competitive world where they will need all their academic ability, strength of character and personal skills to be happy and successful. We provide a rigorous but nurturing environment in which our students will become active and capable citizens of tomorrow.

    Every child is different at each stage of their development and therefore has different needs. Standard Foundation Schools aims to recognize and meet these needs through a differentiated and challenging curriculum and a range of exciting additional opportunities.
    We pride ourselves in knowing each child and in working with each individual to realize their true potential in the classroom, in the laboratory, on the stage or on the playing field. Our teachers are well equipped to meet individual needs of our pupils.

    I am looking forward to welcoming you to Standard Foundation Schools and showing you all we offer.
Atilade Oluwatoyin